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October 31, 2017

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Sisters Revenge Fuck

October 31, 2017

My sister, Erica  and I used to be close, but since we started dating we’ve grown apart. 


We’re identical twins, but we’re so different in so many ways. For instance, I’ve always been a straight A student, whereas Erica has always been the rebel. I am loyal, innocent, and a little timid, but Erica is brash, cynical, and promiscuous. To my horror, my large breasts developed early. I was so embarrassed that I grew out my long blonde locks in an attempt to hide my chest. Erica on the other hand, well, she’s always been petite. Her breasts aren’t small, in fact, they look magnificent on her tiny little frame - sitting pert and proud high on her chest  - but they aren’t as big as mine. Where I have always tried to hide my figure, wearing baggier clothes, cardigans, or thick sweaters, Erica flaunts hers. She wears the skimpiest of low cut tops and bras that push her pretty titties together until her cleavage pops. Her dark straight hair is accented with a purple streak. She has sharper features, the type that would make her appear fearsome if her big Bambi like eyes didn’t soften them. Those fucking eyes! They are like portals to another world, one where she can get away with murder and one where men are little more than her playthings.      


Our problems began in high school. We’d find ourselves attracted to the same boys. Maybe I was more approachable than Erica, or maybe, having less of a reputation than Erica made me more of a conquest, either way, I seemed to attract more attention than her and it drove her wild. I’ve lost count of the number of fights we got into over the years, but I’ve never lost count of the number of times she stole one of my boyfriends. I remember every single incident. I also remember how I made her pay.


I thought I was home alone. Brett, my boyfriend, was out of town for a few days. His team were prepping for nationals and he said he needed some space to ‘get in the zone’. Erica, well fuck knows where Erica was, probably hanging out at some dive bar, trying to convince a bunch of greasy bikers to bum her a smoke and shout her a beer. I was working on a special treat for Brett, a little costume to wear for him in the bedroom. He would be so shocked. I had taken inspiration from his favourite comic book heroines, a little bit of Cat Woman, a sprinkle of Wonder Woman, and an element of Poison Ivy. What I had come up with was a pair of wet look crotch less leggings. I had embellished the emerald green colour of the material with jewelled sequins, so that with every move I made was dazzling. For the top, I had fabricated a crimson corset. It made my large breasts look enormous. I had ordered a large bullwhip from an online bondage store and had sprayed it gold. Over the past few weeks, I had been practicing with the whip in the yard. I had gotten so good that I could extinguish candles that were ten feet away with just a flick of the wrist. Since I was home alone, I dressed up in my outfit and decided to take some saucy pictures to send to Brett.     


From Erica’s room, I heard the familiar sound of her bed springs squeaking. So much for alone time, the slut was adding another notch to her bedpost.  Erica let out a moan, “Oh Brett. That’s good.” 


Brett? She had to be kidding! 


I threw my phone to the floor and stormed towards Erica’s room in a hurry. I ran down the corridor in my costume and my bullwhip caught the base of the hallway lamp, pulling it to the floor. As I stood in Erica’s doorway my breasts struggled to stay contained inside my corset, my heavy breathing threatening to burst my top open. The fallen hallway lamp shone behind me. It’s rays bounced off my bejewelled leggings, casting a mystical spray into Erica’s den of betrayal. I held the whip by its base, letting the tail unfurl as I stared at the two of them. Those Bambi eyes won’t save you today bitch! Upon seeing me, Brett’s eyes widened in horror. He threw Erica off of his dick and tried to make a run for it out of Erica’s open bedroom window. “Don’t you fucking dare Brett!” With a crack of the whip, Brett was ensnared. The gold material wrapped around his athletic torso, pinning his hands to his side. “You’re going to stay for this.” With another wrist movement, I threw his weak body towards Erica’s vanity station. His pathetic frame crashed into her array of makeup. A cloud of foundation and blusher erupted over Brett, painting him a pretty spray of colours. 


I strode towards my sister and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up to her feet. She grabbed me back and we struggled. I don’t know how long we pushed back and forth but the tension was growing and we were both becoming sweaty. I could feel her bare breasts up against my corset. I could smell their sex. “Why do you always do this Erica? Why do you have to sleep with all of my boyfriends? If you want to be closer to me, all you needed to do was ask!” I tightened my grip on my sister’s hair pushing her head down towards my exposed pussy. “Eat it bitch!” I demanded as I sat on her face. Erica had no time to protest. Our lips were locked. Brett murmured. He looked like he was planning on making another run for it. His cock was still stiff, clearly I caught them before Erica had time to finish him off. “No Brett. You’re not leaving. Stay sat down and accept your punishment. Spread your legs. Now!” As I rode my sister’s face, I flicked my whip in Brett’s direction, making the tip crack inches from his erection. “Tell me you’re sorry Brett. Tell me you’re pathetic. Tell me you’re a poor excuse for a human being.” Brett paused. “Too slow Brett.” CRACK!! The whip struck the head of his penis. Brett howled in pain. “You best do better next time. And as for you!” I turned my attention to Erica. “You better pray that you can bring me pleasure equal to the pain you have caused, because, if you can’t, you and Brett are trading places. My whip will have fun dancing across those shitty little tits of yours, you fucking slut!” 


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