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October 31, 2017

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Chelsea and Amber Fuck Each Other Senseless During Yoga

October 31, 2017

Chelsea and Amber were the last to leave the yoga class. They routinely stayed behind to take advantage of the studio space trying out some of the more advance moves in private. As Chelsea arched her back, moving into the upward bow, her soft, tiny tits pushed out against her sports bra. As tensed her glutes, her petite yoga pants gripped her pert ass. The more she thrust her pelvis towards the sky, the more her pussy lips became visible through the thin material. Forget visible panty line, Chelsea had visible camel toe. 

Amber couldn’t help but stare in awe as she watched her beautiful friend stretch her tight toned body in front of her. As Amber scanned her body, she noticed a pearlescent shimmer between Chelsea’s legs. Maybe it was a trail of sweat that had trickled down between her lips, causing her crotch to glisten under the studio lights. Or, maybe, Chelsea was aroused. The thought of Chelsea’s wet pussy sent Amber into a perverted frenzy. Something took hold of her. Something she had no control over. Amber began to sweat. Her knees began to shake. ‘It’s happening again.’ Amber thought, as she let out a faint gasp. 


Amber’s panties grew tighter. She began to pant heavily as she felt her body begin to change. Her well worn yoga pants couldn’t handle the strain of what was growing between her legs. The thread of the fabric succumbed to the inevitable and snapped. The sound of the tear startled Chelsea, who looked up from her pose to she Amber’s 15-inch erect cock spring free. 

Amber was consumed with lust. Like a wild animal, she pounced on Chelsea, tearing at her clothes like a predator would its prey. Chelsea had no desire to fight off the advances of her friend. She welcomed Amber’s ravishing. Placing her palms against Amber’s cheeks, Chelsea pulled her friend towards her. Their lips locked as Amber’s engorged dick slid into Chelsea’s thirsty pussy. 

Between kisses, Chelsea locked eyes with Amber. “Just one thing. Promise me you’ll make me gag on that thing before you’re done with me.” Amber didn’t need any more encouragement. She stood over Chelsea beckoning her to suck her dick. Chelsea eagerly threw herself onto Amber’s cock. Her head bobbed back and forth as saliva dribbled down her chin.  

They could both hear footsteps walking up to the door but they were having too much of a good time to care if they got caught. The exercise studio door burst wide open and there stood Jason, the yoga instructor, Jason. Both girls turned and caught his eye. With a wicked smile, Chelsea titled her head back and let out a cruel laugh. Amber replied with a primordial groan as her body juddered. Streams of Amber’s hot, thick cum sprayed across Chelsea’s face, coating her in spunk. 

The girls looked at Jason. His face was flush and a visible bulge had sprung to life beneath his shorts. Before he could say anything, Amber and Chelsea gathered their things and walked towards him. Chelsea reached between his legs and fondled his package. Amber’s cum was still dripping from her face. “Aww. That’s cute. If only you measured up to Amber, the three of us might have had some fun.” 

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